No Forced Marriage! Like any human being, you have the right to make your own decision, if or who you wish to marry.

"Marriage shall be entered in to only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses." (Article 16(2) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948)

We will inform and support you, if you are, or could be a victim of forced marriage.

There are many ways that women can lead their lives. Our aim is to empower girls, young women and also young men, who find themselves threatened with forced marriage, to follow their own path in life.

You can contact us by telephone, online or face-to-face. The advice is free-of-charge, totally confidential and, if you wish, anonymous.

A forced marriage is always a violation of your personal rights. Love and marriage have nothing to do with forced marriage.

We offer information in German, Turkish, Arabic, English, Kurdish and Albanian.

tl_files/zwangsheirat/images/tr.png Zorla evliliğe hayır - Biz seni destekliyoruz! Her insanın olduğu gibi, senin de kiminle evleneceğine serbest karar verme hakkın var.
tl_files/zwangsheirat/images/gb.png No Forced Marriage – We will support You! Like any human being you have the right to make your own decision, whom you wish to marry.
tl_files/zwangsheirat/images/kur.png Ji zewaca bi zorê re na – em ji bo te alîkarin! Weke her merovî mafê te heye, ku tu bi ser xwe qerar bide, ku tu dixwaze bi kîjan mirovî re bi zewice.
tl_files/zwangsheirat/images/al.png Përgjigje me “jo” martesës së detyruar – ne të përkrahim ty! Si çdo njeri edhe ti ke të drejtën tënde, që me vullnetin tënd të vendosësh, se me cilin do të martohesh.
لا للزواج بالإكراه - نحن نساندك! - لكِ أيضاً مثل كل البشر حق الاختيار بحرية، بمَنْ تريدين أن تتزوجينtl_files/zwangsheirat/images/ar.png.

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